We have partnered with award-winning global media firm BIZCATALYST 360° and marketing guru Kat Kanavos to launch a new and exciting book project designed to create unity and bring inspiration and hope to others.

Whether you are currently a published author or looking to fulfill a personal or professional goal of becoming one, this is a wonderful opportunity to be part of a larger collective project.

We Seek Personal Stories that Embrace the Positive Aspects of Change.

Change in our lives is ongoing, although the experience of change can be challenging to navigate. Sharing our experiences through story will inspire others.

Tell Us If You Have Experienced a Significant Change in Your Life! 

The end result will be a professionally edited, published, and marketed book presenting your story and byline alongside other authors and industry leaders.

To be considered for this project, submit your 800 – 1200 word true personal story and reflection on your experience handling a change in your life.

Tell us what the change was, what happened because of it, and what you learned from it!

Possible topics include:

  • – Experiencing an illness, loss, or heart break
  • – Starting a new career, business, or retirement
  • – Becoming a parent or an empty nester
  • – Caring for a loved one who is elderly or sick
  • – Marriage, divorce, or dating
  • – Something else

Your submission should contain a positive outcome whether it is a physical event or perspective.

Join us for this unique opportunity and receive:


  • – Your approved submission published in the book.
  • – Professional editing of your submission, so your work shines.
  • – Your name, title, and website listed in the book to expand your business reach.
  • – Published author added to your credentials.


  • – Elevate your work and name as part of a national media campaign.
  • – Interview and/or blog opportunities with BizCat360, Sacred Stories Media, and Kat Kanavos.
  • – Invitations for additional opportunities for book promotions and personal publicity.
  • – Additional paid publicity for the book which also increases your reach as one of the authors.
  • – Opportunity to be seated as a Featured Contributor for BIZCATALYST 360°.

Your experience can support others! Be part of this exciting opportunity and share your personal short story and thoughtful reflection!

Email your 800 – 1200 word story, 30 word bio, and phone number by April 30, 2019, to to be considered.


You will be part of a world-class publishing team already in place which includes professional copy and content editing, printing, masterful design and impactful professional promotional strategies that include collaboration with professional global media firms like award-winning BIZCATALYST 360° Magazine.

Your story and bio will be in a book crafted to the industry’s highest standards.

And, you will have 100% copyright ownership of your material. Our contract is non-exclusive.

Email your 800 – 1200 word story, 30 word bio, and phone number by April 30, 2019, to to be considered.

Don’t delay! Only a limited number of stories will be accepted!

Once received, reviewed, and if accepted, we will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Author Investment:  $799*

*Author investment covers publication and marketing costs. There is no risk to submit your work as payment is not required until after your submission is accepted and any questions you have are answered.

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The services we provide are grounded in higher consciousness. We do not accept or support any works with erotica, gratuitous violence, or negative messages.