Light on Light Press is an imprint dedicated to interspirituality–the sacred ground upon which all religious and wisdom traditions intersect and share their deeper unity of experiences. The concept of interspirituality was founded by inter-religious pioneer Wayne Teasdale, beloved today around the world as “Brother Wayne.”

“It acknowledges the integrity, gifts and resources of all traditions, while recognizing their commonalities in ethics, ideals and global purpose,” according to Dr. Kurt Johnson, cofounder of the imprint.

Light on Light Press aims to continue this interfaith dialogue by publishing the contemporary works of both sacred and secular thought leaders whose messages perpetuate an engaged spirituality that fully embodies our beliefs, respects our differences, and inspires us to compassionate action.

The imprint accepts submissions that focus on:

  1. 1. Interspirituality and the diverse interfaith landscape.

  2. 2. World Wisdom Traditions and works about the world’s faith and wisdom traditions, especially new and important movements and initiatives, that are built on both intellectual integration and direct experience.

  3. 3. The Global Paradigm Shift to include writings by sacred and secular thought leaders who have prominence and influence in the current global paradigm landscape, as well as fresh voices that are birthing a more benevolent world and altruistic humanity.

  4. 4. Spiritual Practice and Inspired Lifestyle and includes content about awakening, self-help, spiritual practice, lifestyle, memoir, spiritual fiction, wisdom, arts and more that accommodate all human experience, knowledge and capacities.