Accidental Truth

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Born in Sydney, Australia, and a mother of two boys, this is the first novel from Nikool McIndoe and one she was called to write. An artist for 47 years, she took eight months off to complete this book based on her journey of spiritual awakening.

Having connected with her spirit guide, Ravi, in her mid-twenties, the healings, and mentoring Nikool experienced play the basis for this novel. Entrusted with the Magic Scribe by Archangel Gabriel, and channeled by Ravi, her search for truth and understanding of the age-old question, “why are we here?” drove the storyline.

During the process of listening and writing, it became obvious that Nikool was indeed prepared for her calling, as we all are. We just need to be still enough to listen and hear the words of the Universe. In writing the book Nikool not only learned more about spirituality and her connection to Source Energy but also more of who she is as Spirit.

She is a storyteller, whether it be through words in poetry or novels, or images in her art. She is a Lightworker, a seeder, and a carrier of knowledge. Nikool, as all of us, are here on a mission to help humanity and Mother Gaia ascend.

Follow Nikool’s spiritual awakening journey as she sheds light on the feelings, thoughts, terminology, and teachings that embody this transformative life-changing process.



What if you discovered the clues to your past could save your future?

Aurora Knightley thought she had it all, with a burgeoning art career and the ideal fiancé. Until a fateful night sent it all crashing down.

Aurora is a woman with a past—many pasts, in fact. But in all of her past lives she has been killed because of a truth buried deep within her. After a horrific car accident leaves her with a traumatic brain injury, she encounters a swirling rainbow vortex—a wormhole—bringing her face to face with her past lives, and a chance to follow their clues to save the world from imminent darkness.

This is Aurora’s last life, and it needs to count. Her mission, tied to the brilliant scientist Nikola Tesla, is to awaken humanity to a New Earth free from corruption and control. The knowledge locked inside her holds the keys to creating a free and fair utopian society, making her a prime target of the CIA.

With fate driving her, she delves back in time through the vortex over thousands of years, piecing together exhilarating and sometimes frightening clues. Along the way she meets an elderly soothsayer, travels to the forgotten sunken city of Atlantis, makes a crucial discovery at the pyramids in Egypt, and shares experiences with extra-terrestrials from higher dimensions.

Who really is Aurora Knightley?

Enter the vortex and experience a mind-blowing ride to find the truth.

A thrilling time-travel adventure perfect for fans of Kate Atkinson, Catherine Taylor, Kevin Kuhn, and Rysa Walker.




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