Helen Brennand is an author and equine professional based in England. She is an accomplished rider, trainer, holistic therapist and has a passion for horse welfare and respect for them as sentient beings. It was her beloved horses who nurtured her through a period of immense sorrow culminating in a beautiful and unexpected spiritual awakening. Complimenting her writing, Helen’s time is now dedicated to the center she has founded to ensure a lasting and safe place where a horse’s inner wisdom is free to be released and allowed to shine. Click here to visit Helen’s website.


Creative, knowing, and fearless as a child, by her early forties Helen Brennand had been stripped of these qualities by society’s social conditioning. Add to this the heartbreak of losing a child and witnessing a lack of love and respect for all forms of life the world seemed a dark, empty place.

Miraculously her suffering is swept away through an intimate connection to a small herd of horses. She is embraced by them and in unspoken communication sees the truth of her life, her mistakes, and her fears. She decides to ride with them as they take her on a journey of discovery, resulting in a spiritual awakening.

Helen’s world and life are turned around as she witnesses wisdom and truth embodied in the majestic horse and natural world in which they live. They access parts of her that she didn’t know existed and she emerges strong, bright, and articulate ready to share what she has unearthed in her book Belief.

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