Everything Matters, Nothing Matters



Word provocateur. Creative alchemist. Narrative inquisitor. Journalist. Nonfiction author. Book editor. Intuitionist. Truth teller. Fire starter. Dance enthusiast. Unexpurgated spiritual diarist.

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Written in elegant yet accessible prose that is vivid, honest and flushed with a sense of wonder, Everything Matters, Nothing Matters: Dare to Live with Exquisite Calm, Euphoric Creativity and Divine Clarity’s 7-step path applies to anyone who desires to stoke the fire of being fully alive. Follow its wisdom, and it will lead you to a gift beyond measure: You will know who you are, with the freedom to be it. You will know what you want, with the daring to go for it.


Spiritual seeker extraordinaire, Gina gracefully explains how to simultaneously live life and observe it.

At once deeply personal and utterly profound, Gina has comprehended the spectrum of the spiritual life. To read this book is to be initiated onto the path where Essence meets our everyday existence and we truly know ourselves for the first time.
– JEAN HOUSTON, PhD, renowned philosopher, mythologist, human potential expert

Everything Matters, Nothing Matters shows us what is necessary and desirable in order to be fully alive: turning within, so that we can achieve forgiveness of others and ourselves. When we learn that – truly – nothing matters, our hearts open and our lives are transformed.
– GARY RENARD, author of Your Immortal Reality and the best-selling The Disappearance of the Universe

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