Final Redemption

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Author, Healer, and Spiritual Teacher, Helen Heinmiller, offers unique new restorative meditation programs and online courses that can help people of all ages lead a healthier and happier life. Helen spent fifteen years working in Corporate America, before becoming an author and spiritual practitioner.

For over twenty years, Helen has been receiving valuable guidance from a variety of spiritual sources. Helen has been given great knowledge recently about Solar Color Energies and has developed remarkable new meditations programs to support healing on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Helen’s novels reflect the depth of her understanding about the human condition.


Emmy Harris was about to embark on a humanitarian mission when an unexpected appearance of an angelic woman brings back memories of the mysterious events surrounding her mother’s death. The beautiful angel delivers a disturbing message from Emmy’s past and reveals a bitter betrayal that sends her to Kazakhstan to start her life over.

Tragedy ensues as Emmy is thrown into the center of an international crisis that threatens her life and humanity’s survival and becomes a defining moment for the first female President of the United States. Emmy’s misfortune also becomes a long-awaited opportunity for a covert spiritual group called HELP, to prove to the Pentagon that there is another way to overcome the dark forces that threaten human existence. HELP soon discovers that this time-sensitive case is too big for their small group alone and is compelled to call on the world for support.

As the clock ticks down, Emmy is confronted with evil itself and feels forsaken by the limited help her celestial emissary can deliver. Emmy must search the depths of her soul and the lessons from her mother’s life to find the strength to survive. While the fate of the presidency and HELP’s undertaking hangs in the balance, the whole world must come together to help resolve this dangerous global crisis that could be a catalyst for the end of humanity or the means to our Final Redemption. Click to Read an Excerpt!

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