Integrative Medicine



DR. BONNIE MCLEAN O.M.D., A.P., M.A., B.S.N. is the Founder of Spirit Gate Medicine. She was recently selected as Top Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncturist of the Year for 2019 by the International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP), for her outstanding leadership, dedication and commitment to the industry.

With over 5 decades of professional experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. McLean has certainly proven herself as an accomplished professional and expert with many different forms of integrative medicine, health and wellness. As a dynamic, results-driven leader, she has demonstrated success not only as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and as an Acupuncture Physician, Dr. McLean is also a popular writer and speaker. Her impressive repertoire of prior roles include practicing as an RN for 20 years and practicing Oriental Holistic Medicine for 36 years-  over 50 years of experience in the healing arts. Her key areas of expertise include Chinese Medicine, hypnosis, nutrition, Chinese herbal formulas, electro-stimulation, energy healing, energy psychology, and shamanic healing.

Dr. McLean works with patients who have acute and chronic pain and stress related ailments, such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, grief, and addictions. Dr. McLean says that she likes to empower her patients and draw out their own knowledge, expertise and their own wisdom about what it is they need to know and do to heal themselves. She focuses on what imbalances need to be corrected and what can be done to nudge the body to shift into its own unique healing mode. Each individual is considered unique in his and her ability to heal themselves. In order to understand these imbalances, it is important for the practitioner to develop a holistic relationship with our patient’s body mind/emotions, and spirit.

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Integrative Medicine: The Return of the Soul to Health Care is a user-friendly resource guide for those who would like to learn to negotiate our American healthcare system from a place of self-education and personal empowerment. This book is both encyclopedic and engaging. It is written from the perspectives of both practitioner and patient. Based on knowledge gained for over 50 years of training, research, and experience in solving health issues of our modern time, the author offers cutting edge information on numerous topics related to medicine, health, and healing. It also has a personal touch of sharing her recovery from her own depression as a child of alcoholics and some chronic health challenges.

She begins with sharing her own search for the soul in medicine. She was raised in a home with both parents in the medical field as a physician and nurse. After practicing as a nurse herself for 20 years, she was influenced by the Holistic Health Movement that began in the 1970’s. Feeling like she was witnessing medicine change from being patient and service oriented to having the focus change to a business with a profit motive, she began to search for what she called the soul of medicine. This search led her to study psychology, Oriental medicine, energy medicine, and shamanic healing. As she integrated these approaches to healing into her own work, she also became aware of the beginnings of Integrative Medicine in the American healthcare system.

All of these subjects are included in her book, plus a chapter on the history of Western medicine and one on its life-saving medical technology. Also included are chapters on medicine from the East, natural medicine, quantum medicine, how stress can make us ill, and how we can stay healthy. She concludes with institutions who offer integrative medicine and interviews with practitioners who practice it.

Her message is that Integrative Medicine offers the best of the medical technology, diagnostic tools, and life changing procedures and surgeries of Western medicine with, natural approaches to health, ancient forms of healing, and the gift of human touch. It’s not a matter of either/or. It’s a matter of both/and with suggestions on when to use what in our own personal program of Integrative Medicine.

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