Look What Dragged the Cat In



Scott Stevens is a journalist, posting regularly on health and alcohol issues for online news services and is a founding influencer at the world’s largest medical portal, HealthTap. Stevens adds his stunning personal 86-proof-two-liters-a-day story with thorough research into alcoholism, sobriety, relapse and recovery.

A former mutual fund industry executive, Stevens blends wit, journalistic objectivity, blunt personal dialogue and no-nonsense business perspective in his five books, 2010’s What the Early Worm Gets, 2013’s Indie Book Awards finalist, Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud, and 2015’s USA Best Books Awards Finalist, Adding Fire to the Fuel, which also won the 2016 Book Excellence Award. His fourth book, 2016’s I Can’t See The Forest With All These Damn Trees In The Way, takes on alcohol and health policy against the backdrop of the Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health, and his newest book Look What Dragged the Cat In takes on the rise of the opioid crisis.

He regularly addresses conferences around the country — including the REEL Recovery Film Festival — on the latest trends in the field of alcohol use disorders. He is former Editor in Chief for Addicted Minds & Associates and owner of www.alcohologist.com and the DVD series, The A-FILES: Alcohol A-Z, as well as the Alcohology app for Kindle and all Android devices.

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An American morphine crisis in the 1860s, cocaine in the 1890s, heroin in the 1910s, methamphetamines in the 1950s, another heroin crisis in the 1970s, back to cocaine in he 1980s, another trip back to meth in the 2000s, and a prediction for a return to meth and cocaine again after the current opioid crisis ebbs. Drugmakers, dope dealers and physicians didn’t incubate crisis after crisis. Their hands aren’t clean, but they’re not as dirty as the public perceives. The public misinterpretation stems from its own love affair with the cheapest, easiest to get, most lethal drug: Alcohol. Every drug death from every crisis has one thing in common: They are all alcohol-related. Look What the Cat Dragged In takes a deep dive into the opioid crisis, the suspects, the failed solutions, and the way out.

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