Making Waves



Emma Syke’s journey of writing began whilst she was training at Double Edge Theater, Massachusetts, USA as a performer in the fall of 2017. The physicality of the training combined with the silence that it offered opened up space to freely express emotions and journaling quickly became a routine part of the creative process. As the training delved deeper, she found the writing became more elaborate and began to stray from documentation into a more poetic style.

After leaving the theatre and returning home her style developed and she started writing more lyrically basing many of the poems on experiences from her own life and those of lives close to her. She returned to the theater in June 2018 for a further three months and wrote the opening poem of the book after participating in the Art and Survival scheme that the theater hosts.

She returned back to the UK and continued to involve herself with shows, writing on the side as a hobby. On the 1st October 2018 she witnessed her stepfathers father pass away and wrote a poem that she read out at his funeral. She decided to put all her poems into a book to share with people her journey of Making Waves over the past two years and the freedom of expression that poetry opened up for her.

This is her story of turning fear into fearlessness and ripples into waves.



Through the eyes of Emma, we see and feel the turmoil of the hidden soul that is trying to make sense of an incongruent outer world. Questioning the status quo of many idealized perceptions society holds, the rigid rules that are thrust upon us come crashing down throughout Making Waves. Feel the ripples of peace being spread upon a sea of calm as you begin to see from a higher vantage point with this beautiful book of poetic writings.

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