May I Only Leave Rose Petals



J.S. Drake is a substance abuse counselor who has been a closet poet for most of her life. Poetry has been a way for her to find hope, strength, and light in the face of great loss, abuse, and heartbreak. There have been many times in her life where she has contemplated suicide and poetry is her way to cope and connect with her Higher Power. She hopes that by sharing her poetry she can bring others home to the truth that they matter, and they have a purpose.


May I Only Leave Rose Petals is a composition of poetry about rediscovering the truth about one’s innate divinity in the face of great pain, darkness, fear, and separation. It is about coming Home. It is a journey to wholeness through nine main chapters—from “The Forgetting” to the “The Homecoming”. It is a catalyst to inspire, ignite, and lift people out of the darkness and into the light. It is about choosing love, again and again, to leave only rose petals.

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