Simply Enough



SORA GARRETT is a visionary-creator who loves to shine light on the Good in the world.  She has a way of inspiring deeply through her writing, calling forth a need for outer-world change while exploring life’s beauty and the deeper meaning of our inner realm.

Writing is about more than putting words on paper for Sora; it’s an art form. Her books are beautiful and creative, their messages both simple and deeply rooted in wisdom. She guides readers to open their hearts and remember the magic as they connect with the everyday wonder of life.

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Simply Enough: Create Space for What Matters explores the layers of clutter in a unique and conversational way that will encourage readers to peel back the layers of their own lives, to see what might be covering a deeper level of happiness and fulfillment. It will guide them to develop practices for getting clear on what is most meaningful as it encourages them to let go of what is not…in order to have more time, space, energy and focus to create their most meaningful and fulfilling life.

A blend of poetic wisdom and practical advice, personal and humanitarian transformation, Simply Enough invites readers to let go of more than their excess possessions. It beckons them to open space in their lives to become a solution for the world.

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