The Miracle Keys



SORA GARRETT is a visionary-creator who loves to shine light on the Good in the world. She has a way of inspiring deeply through her writing, calling forth a need for outer-world change while exploring life’s beauty and the deeper meaning of our inner realm.

Writing is about more than putting words on paper for Sora; it’s an art form. Her books are beautiful and creative, their messages both simple and deeply rooted in wisdom. She guides readers to open their hearts and remember the magic as they connect with the everyday wonder of life.

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The Miracle Keys is a delightful story, written as a conversation with an angel and 5 keepers of the keys to a happy, fulfilling life. You will meet these imaginary beings as you explore how forgiveness, laughter, belief, gratitude, stillness, and generosity can unlock some hidden treasures you may have forgotten were there.

This uplifting book explores these complex spiritual foundations in a simple way, inspiring a deeper inquiry into how you are using these keys in your own life. The Miracle Keys will show you that it’s not really that difficult to live a life where miracles find you…as YOU become a miracle for the world.

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