THE PATH OF SWEETNESS: Journal of Galactic Romance



Joy Elaine has studied, practiced, and taught Serenity Vibration Healing® & Enlightenment Technique (SVH) since 2003 and is a Master Practitioner and an Animal Healing Practitioner in that modality. She credits this study with helping her to bring forth the information in The Joy Chronicles.

The adventures in The Joy Chronicles are an everyday experience for Joy as she lives and breathes her sacred service in these transitional times. Her passion and dedication light the way for each and every reader to catch on the waves of change that the councils sponsor and gracefully ride them along with Gaia to a new tomorrow that is bigger and better than any dreamer can imagine.

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In book one, Path of Sweetness: Journal of Galactic Romance and Global Evolution, author Joy Elaine discovers a part of herself that has been living on a different dimension. As she connects with this 10th dimensional version of herself, she begins developing her ability to consciously interact with galactic beings and ascended masters.

With the assistance of this team, she and all of you that join in supporting Earth’s evolution, ignite a global shift that offers hope and a glorious new reality for us all. This is a story of self-discovery and infinite possibilities that evoke heart-welling excitement for the dawning of our world’s elevation to non-duality.

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