The Truth Is Within Trilogy



Dee Delaney is a mother, writer, yogi and lover of coffee. She worked at the BBC for 14 years, before giving it all to live in India where she is currently researching and writing a trinity of books on unity consciousness called The Truth is Within.

Book One: The Truth – My Journey to the Other Side deals with healing the Self through Eastern Philosophy and Jungian Psychotherapy. Book Two: The Truth – Is the Art of Being, looks into the eyes of death through the teachings of the Tibetan Bardo and The Pagan Book of Living and Dying. Book Three: The Truth – Within the Heart of Love explores the power of sacred union, and the potential to ascend to our highest levels of being, when we integrate the noble masculine and divine feminine within.

Dee lives and breathes this work, and the amazing true stories and experiences she writes about have taken her on a quest across India to discover the fascinating truth about who she is and her life’s purpose. For now, her focus is on completing this work, so she can share it with the world. Whilst drinking lots of coffee of course!



A brave and captivating book that takes you into the heart where Love is stronger than death.

This is book one of the amazing true story of how one young woman, survived the sudden and unexpected deaths of 3 partners, all vibrant men in their 40’s. How she picked herself off the floor and asked for help. And how she gazed into the eyes of her soul and questioned why she was surrounded by so much death.

In this honest, raw and sometimes humorous account, Dee explains how she finds the way back to her true self, through the richness of Eastern spirituality, and the wisdom of Western psychotherapy. As her story unfolds, Dee realises she is on a journey without an end , as it takes her from her comfort middle class life in England to Goa in India where she starts a new life for herself and her little boy, and discovers that her story is really only just beginning……..

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This is the continued true story of how after years of struggling, Dee finds her way back to her true self and leaves her past behind in England, to start a new life in India, where she is determined to cast the shadows of death to one side.

But the brutal murder of a young Irish girl stops her in her tracks, as she reflects how death has a way of following her around. Dee explains how she finally looked death in the eyes and eased her grief as she faced the fears, stigmas and taboos that were locked inside.

In this honest, raw, and often humorous account, Dee examines the art of living and dying through the richness of Tibetan Buddhism and the wisdom of the Goddess. This journey brings her back to England, where she trains as a soul midwife to help people die with dignity. Here she discovers that her story is only just beginning…

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After spending 3 years travelling across India and Europe in search of the Truth, Dee’s journey finally comes to an end.

This wondrous life had one more story to tell, as it weaved it’s magic through Dee’s blood, and gifted her with a message from the Divine to share for our time.

In her 3rd book Dee examines the story of the Goddess and the art of sacred sexuality through teachings from the ancient Mystery Schools in the East and West. Her journey takes her to France, where she discovers secrets carvings in a Knights Templar Church that links her to the story of Jesus and the Divine Sophia.

The Truth: Within the Heart of Love is a beautiful story for our time. Written in the poetic language of the soul, it invites the reader to let go of the old world of suffering and step into a new paradigm of peace.

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