What Do The Animals Say?


Jennifer Murphy-Morrical is an accomplished author, an intuitive, and mother of two children. During her childhood years Jennifer began communicating with nature and embraced the spiritual world. Her published works embrace the philosophy that the Universe is loving and supportive to all of us. This book What Do The Animals Say? addresses the belief that animals are communicating with us and we can open our hearts to listen.

Her inspiration comes from her connection with the Divine, love of the outdoors, animals, children and the beautiful state of Montana. Jennifer can often be found hiking the mountains with her two labs, Bailey and Reese.


Animals are a very special part of our world …. there are so many to love and admire!

What do they say to you? Explore our natural world and discover what the animals can teach us about health, love and listening to our spirit. Listen closely and you will hear the special messages meant just for you.

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