Sacred Stories Publishing is the flagship imprint of Sacred Stories Publishing and Media. Founded in 2016 by Rev. Ariel Patricia, Sacred Stories Publishing has quickly gained footing as one of the most respected imprints in the inspirational and higher consciousness categories. Our core-level inspiration is to bring divine wisdom and next level Consciousness to the mainstream.

Sacred Stories Publishing is proud to share the works of established authors as well as emerging talent. We publish books, e-books, and audio books on topics of higher consciousness to include inspirational, spiritual, religious, channeled works, new age, metaphysical, personal journeys, memoirs, new thought, natural/alternative health and healing, self-care, and messages that are helpful to the world. 

In the years since our inception we have grown to include award winning and bestselling books by fresh voices and visionaries as well as the words of beloved luminaries and wisdom carriers. We work collaboratively with our authors to best deliver their wisdom and their truth to an ever-expanding audience. Our readers connect with us from around the globe, as we’re known as a trusted source for the latest contemporary wisdom that accelerates personal awakenings.